House #4- Main St. House

Friday, February 8, 2013

In the Spring of 2011 we moved yet again, thanks to another job transfer. We moved to one of the towns I said I never wanted to live in. Go figure. Reminds me of the saying 'We make plans and God just laughs'.
This was a much smaller town with much less going on. While I did have some family there (and enjoyed being able to meet my Grandma for the occasional breakfast), we had zero friends. Slowly but surely we met a few people, including my awesome co-worker who introduced me to fun sayings like "My dogs are barkin!" Love her.
The year we spent there was truly a bonding experience for Jake and I. We spent less time commuting (my job was 3 blocks from our house and his was 3 miles), we joined a gym together and I worked out more than I ever had before, we rented a lot of movies and spent a lot of nights eating in.

(The cozy livingroom- see more HERE)

(Our bedroom and a sad Layla begging to come inside.)

(See our Rocking Chair re-do HERE)

In June 2012 we said goodbye to the Main St House and moved on....

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