In the 80s-90s

Monday, May 24, 2010

This is May, in Northern Michigan, and it's 85 degrees. What gives?! Does this mean we get an extra long summer? Because that would be soon as Jake figures out why the air conditioner upstairs keeps blowing a fuse! The upper level of this house is so hot, it's basically unbearable.

I stayed in town over the weekend, the first in several weeks. Saturday night I had a wonderful dinner with a girlfriend of mine. Had the best pesto hummus and sun-dried ravioli EVER. Then we decided to browse Target, as we are both huge Target nerds. We had so much fun shopping for absolutely nothing. When it was time to check out, we had to laugh at our random assortment of purchases; several $5 DVDs, hair ties, pregnancy tests (hers, not mine), tank tops, etc. We had so much fun.
Then Sunday, I went to church and by the time I got out it was already reaching 80 degrees, so I decided to take Layla to the West End beach, where it's usually pretty quiet. Not yesterday.

Unfortunately, I had to keep her on her leash, otherwise she would be kissing every human being on that beach, and I figured not everyone would appreciate that:)

My dog is a sissy. Maybe it's a Boxer thing, but she hates the water. She will barely get her paws wet, tiptoe in to get a drink, and then she's running out. Last year, I had to pick her up, walk into the water, and then set her down. I want her to be a water dog. I want her to be able to cool herself off, or else we'll be resorting to the hose in the backyard.

We saw the cutest set of Golden Retrievers. Their owner would throw a stick out into the water and they would both jump in after it. Then they would each grab an end and swim back, bringing the stick back together. It was so cute. It made me want a sister for Layla..bad.

It reached 100 degrees this afternoon and will be in the 80's-90's all week--woot woot!

Longing for a home of my own

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jake and I are keeping our eyes open for, yet another, house to rent. I say house, not home, for a reason. The process is grueling. This will be my 5th time moving in 2 years..I'm so over it. I wish we could just rent a cheapo apartment, and save our money for our stylish farmhouse set on lots of acreage, but we have Layla. And as much as we adore her and treat her like a child, she makes it really hard to find an inexpensive rental. She requires space, pet friendly quarters, and preferably a fenced in yard. I hate to imagine myself standing outside at night, in the middle of Traverse City winters, tracking her every move while snowflakes fly all around and my eye lashes turn to icecicles, just waiting for her to sniff out the perfect spot to pee. No thanks. In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to embrace my life as a renter and dream of the future.

One of my made up homes:

Master bedroom

Guest bedroom
(real simple)


But since this home doesn't exist, the search continues...

Stay tuned for some design projects coming your way, including a bathroom renovation, a bedroom redo, and an office re-organization!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've started on my book again. I have three different beginnings so It is time to narrow it down. Not that I'm close to finishing, I'm barely through the first chapter! I think I'm going to try and take a class this summer on creative writing, with a little focus on publishing. It might do me some good. Let's just pray that I can keep momentum and make it to the finish this time.

Beautiful House Wednesday

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today, I showcase the complete other end of the design spectrum. Yesterday was glamour, and this week's  beautiful home is special because it is my family cabin. My dad inherited the 10 acres, tore down the hunting shack, and took a few years to build our cabin by himself. Sure, he had a little help with electric and plumbing, and one of the amish families in the area even built the cupboards and vanity, but other than that, it was all Dad.

The entryway. Sorry, I didn't clean up.

another entryway shot.

a view of the livingroom

The flatscreen, of course.

dining area

another dining area shot

one side of the kitchen

The one bathroom

The amish-made vanity

door to the downstairs bedroom

Under the staircase

The top of the stairs, looking down.

one side of the loft. Yes, there is a man sleeping in that twin bed.

other side

View from the loft

Upstairs, looking out

Our Golden Lab, Miah's grave on the property:(

A tree planted in the backyard in memory of my cousin.

Saturday night, we had just enough sleeping room for the 8 of us. Of course, we could always throw down a couple of air mattresses as the family grows, but there's already been talk of each of the 3 of us kids and our families building smaller "sleeping" cabins on the property. With all of the babies we plan to bring into this world, we are going to need more room. jk:)

Glamour Girl

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Everyone needs a little glamour in their life. I, for one, LOVE glamorous rooms. I am always saving photos of rooms that I'm lusting over. I love lush beds, deep, bold, colorful interiors, mirrored furniture, fur, floor to ceiling drapery, tufted ottomans, and chandeliers. Unfortunately, I feel like these glamorous images don't exactly fit our lifestyle, or our farmhouse dreams, but maybe I can pull off one slightly glamorous room.

anne coyle
pink, fur, chevron, and lucite..

purple paradise

I die over those drapes and that diningroom fireplace.

drapes, lighting, windows, mahogany floors, please.

black, white, yellow, and turquoise- my dream glamour color palette

powder blue and white furniture, french doors, and mirrored tables...yes!

incredible wallpaper, velvet ottoman, chain link rug..oh boy

brass chic, ikat pillows, sleek sofa- sweet

the entire house is amazing

more blue and yellow

pink, zebra, stripes, more tufted ottomans...fabulous

floor to ceiling painted bookshelves, and turquoise chandeliers...

black, white, purple, chippendale bamboo accent chair..

hot pink, toile, and matching lamps..

Again, fave glam color scheme...

canadian house and home

All remarkably glamorous.

Anything goes

Monday, May 17, 2010

The hour and a half drive to Grandma's kind of reminded me of those family roadtrips years ago, where there were 3 kids, and maybe a couple of friends jam packed into the red mini van for "jaunts" to Florida, Colorado, and Minnesota. This was back before built-in DVD players, and Nintendo DS'es. I vow now to never let my children watch movies in the car-unless of course, we're driving 24 hours from Michigan to Colorado! I think it's important that kids know how to entertain themselves, not to mention, behave during roadtrips. Makes the trip much more enjoyable.

(Here's Teddy, sitting on the floor between my legs the entire trip.)

So, after Grandma's birthday bash, the whole immediate fam met up at the cabin. And at the cabin, anything goes. Including my outfits. Take casual striped dress, add leggings to keep warm, blue and white slippers for comfort, husbands sweatshirt since I didn't have my own, and brown shoes--which were the only closed toe shoes I brought, and you have THAT ensemble. And I rocked it out at the campfire.

(Jake watched me strut out to join them around the fire and just shook his head. He was impressed.)

As I said, at the cabin, anything goes. This includes staying up until 4 am, listening to the boys argue over whose arms are bigger (this has been going on for 4 years), talking about Emmersyn, crying about Emmersyn, sharing our thoughts, dreams, playing Euchre, laughing, and 5 hours later, waking up to 3 of us on the pull out couch spooning and watching Houghton's morning cartoons. It all goes.

(KK & Houghton next to the bonfire.)

friday night

Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothin' like a little lowfat strawberry milkshake to get the party started.

(in my karlee engraved beer mug, of course)

I also rented The Lovely Bones. I've been warned that I WILL cry, but that's ok because I could use a good cry.
Then tomorrow, I'm off to Grandma's surprise 80th birthday party. But don't worry, I'll be back to my chipper self by then.
Rock on, friday night.


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