Longing for a home of my own

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jake and I are keeping our eyes open for, yet another, house to rent. I say house, not home, for a reason. The process is grueling. This will be my 5th time moving in 2 years..I'm so over it. I wish we could just rent a cheapo apartment, and save our money for our stylish farmhouse set on lots of acreage, but we have Layla. And as much as we adore her and treat her like a child, she makes it really hard to find an inexpensive rental. She requires space, pet friendly quarters, and preferably a fenced in yard. I hate to imagine myself standing outside at night, in the middle of Traverse City winters, tracking her every move while snowflakes fly all around and my eye lashes turn to icecicles, just waiting for her to sniff out the perfect spot to pee. No thanks. In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to embrace my life as a renter and dream of the future.

One of my made up homes:

Master bedroom

Guest bedroom
(real simple)


But since this home doesn't exist, the search continues...

Stay tuned for some design projects coming your way, including a bathroom renovation, a bedroom redo, and an office re-organization!

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