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Monday, May 24, 2010

This is May, in Northern Michigan, and it's 85 degrees. What gives?! Does this mean we get an extra long summer? Because that would be soon as Jake figures out why the air conditioner upstairs keeps blowing a fuse! The upper level of this house is so hot, it's basically unbearable.

I stayed in town over the weekend, the first in several weeks. Saturday night I had a wonderful dinner with a girlfriend of mine. Had the best pesto hummus and sun-dried ravioli EVER. Then we decided to browse Target, as we are both huge Target nerds. We had so much fun shopping for absolutely nothing. When it was time to check out, we had to laugh at our random assortment of purchases; several $5 DVDs, hair ties, pregnancy tests (hers, not mine), tank tops, etc. We had so much fun.
Then Sunday, I went to church and by the time I got out it was already reaching 80 degrees, so I decided to take Layla to the West End beach, where it's usually pretty quiet. Not yesterday.

Unfortunately, I had to keep her on her leash, otherwise she would be kissing every human being on that beach, and I figured not everyone would appreciate that:)

My dog is a sissy. Maybe it's a Boxer thing, but she hates the water. She will barely get her paws wet, tiptoe in to get a drink, and then she's running out. Last year, I had to pick her up, walk into the water, and then set her down. I want her to be a water dog. I want her to be able to cool herself off, or else we'll be resorting to the hose in the backyard.

We saw the cutest set of Golden Retrievers. Their owner would throw a stick out into the water and they would both jump in after it. Then they would each grab an end and swim back, bringing the stick back together. It was so cute. It made me want a sister for Layla..bad.

It reached 100 degrees this afternoon and will be in the 80's-90's all week--woot woot!

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