It was a mother-daughter weekend

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have been missing from the blogworld longer than normal. I just came off of a really eventful weekend, and took 48 hours to recover and get my house back in order. Speaking of the house, I added several things to it this past weekend, but don't worry, I ALSO have a huge box of stuff for our June yard sale.
Mom, my Grandpa's wife, Julie, and I went down to Detroit for Mother's Day weekend. And I have to say, Mom and I shopped. till. we. dropped.
We hung out with Julie's daughter, Megan, and her boyfriend, Sunny. They made us the most insane Arabic dinner Saturday night, and no one wanted to even think about food for the next 24 hours.
Sunny introduced us to a homeless guy-Larry. He hangs around their neighborhood frequently, so we fed him a plate of our left overs, and he even played drums for us! Then we enjoyed a night of dancing to celebrate Megan's 23rd birthday.

The "fam" right before we went out.

Mom and I in the backseat.

Megan & Sunny

The Moms.

Because I seriously have no shame.

Dancing the night away-

Posing with Sunny's "Liberachi."

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