Sunday, January 31, 2010

There is absolutely nothing more humbling than the love of Christ. We are SO unworthy of such grace, and the fact that his mercies are new every morning just astounds me. I have fallen short of God's glory SO many times. Over and over again, I fail him and those that I love. When I think of the pain that my sins have caused Him, I could just weep. But He continues to love unconditionally and bless me with amazing relationships. I am so humbled today by His love and forgiveness. Church was extra sweet for me this morning, after walking in and feeling so unworthy, I walked out feeling totally forgiven. And this is where it all started:

"So, I'll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned, in awe
of the one who gave it all.
I'll stand, my soul Lord, to you surrendered
All I am is yours."

Worship is and will always be a healing experience for me.

"It's finally friday...."

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm so pumped it's the weekend! Eventhough it's 12 degrees outside, we can still enjoy the time off, right? I hope everyone hunkers down by a fireplace and reads a good book. (If anyone picks up "Why I stayed" by Gayle Haggard- let me know what you think! I haven't had time to read it yet.)
Bon weekend!

Z to the G

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, ever wonder what a nanny does all day?? (I mean, other than change diapers, play dolls, dole out time-outs, and drive around town in an SUV.) Blog. (During naps, of course.) This afternoon, while four year old Molly creates a crayon masterpiece next to me, I am shopping at Z Gallerie. If you are fortunate enough to live close to a Z Gallerie, hopefully you're taking advantage of the sale items. There are so many cute accessories right now.
Owl candlesticks for $19.95

Elk bar utensil set for $ it

Antler salad server spoons! $9.89

Doggie pencil sharpener! haha. My love for dogs really shows huh? I would most likely spray paint these black to go in my "office." (updated pics coming soon.) $9.95

How cute are these vases? Only $3.99 a piece! A collection of these would be so adorable.
That's it for the sale items. Other things I'm admiring:

I love this print. It should be framed. $34.99

I want one of these for my bed! But at $49.95, it'll have to wait till it goes on sale!

My 2nd favorite pillow for $49.95. This is the exact punch of color my black and white themed livingroom needs!

Love, love this artwork. But $429.95, really?

So, this is definitely not the white horse head I was drooling over at Homegoods (and I didn't even get a pic!), but this little guy would go nicely on top of the mantle. $79

I want this little boxer in the worst way:( $120. Not gonna happen!

I've loved this piece as long as I can remember. I used to go in and look at it in Z Gallerie when I lived in Nashville 4 years ago! I'm not sure why I like it so much. Maybe because I have a piece similar, but she's a black girl, singing her heart out into a microphone with a big slit up the side of her glam dress. I think she needs a musician boyfriend. Well for $549, she can dream on:)

Isn't being a nanny fun? I'm not going to tell which items I may be purchasing, for fear that my husband will read this......
Kidding. I'm kidding, people.

On a funnier note, E channel's Fashion Police is on, little Molly just saw a picture of Mariah Carey at the SAG awards, and asked, "Is that guy wearing a purse?"
Sorry, Mariah, but you may need to rethink your look.

wardrobe must-haves!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In EVERY wardrobe, there are must-have items. With these few pieces you can mix, match, and come up with several different looks that make up an entire wardrobe. You don't have to spend a fortune for these items, although SOME pieces are worth spending some extra money on, to ensure that they last-especially, if you're a wear and tear kinda girl.

1. A nice, crisp, white shirt. Can tuck it into skirts, jeans, or trousers; Can also be worn untucked, under a blazer or cardigan.

($60 Ann Taylor)

A little spin on the crisp, white shirt is this ruffled version. One of each?

($54 J. Crew)

2. Straight leg, aka-pencil jeans are very in right now. Wear them with flats, boots, OR heels.

($89 J. Crew)

3. Everyone needs a blazer. For the most use, I would suggest all black, but I love this navy one with white trim, especially for summer and fall.

($69 J. Crew)

4. Black pumps really are a must. There are many different versions, but I thought these were lovely, although I would not pay the sticker price.

($175 Ann Taylor)

Here is a fall/winter suede version with once again, ruffles:)

($89 J. Crew)

5. A vest is a great buy. They come in many colors. I would suggest black or gray, again, for the most usage. I have a black and a brown and have worn them so much-over graphic tees, button-ups, tanks, under jackets, etc.
($44 Express)

6. We all need a pencil skirt. With or without nylons/tights, and a hot pair of heels.

($78 Ann Taylor)

7. V-neck cardigans are the greatest. They provide that perfect punch of color. Yellow is very hot for spring and summer. Wrap a skinny belt around your waist for a more tailored effect.
($49 on sale at Ann Taylor)

8. Here's the skinny belt that comes in handy. Pull it through your belt loops, or just wrap it around for a waist-cinching experience:)

($30 Ann Taylor)

9. The little black dress that gets so much use. Weddings, funerals (oh boy), dinner parties, dates, etc. This is one I've been admiring from lulus.


10. A funky dress to dress up- or dress down. Animal print is a good choice. Perfect for a girls' night out, birthday, or holiday party. Layer it up with the blazer or cardigan. And these can be found much cheaper than the one pictured. I just loved the pattern.

($158 Ann Taylor)

11. Now to add color to any wardrobe: fun, fresh, colored tanks and camis--with or without ruffles!

($29.50 Gap)

Don't forget to accessorize with bags, scarfs, and jewelry!!

office space?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So, I needed my own little space where I could go sit and read..or write..or blog..or surf the web (aka -shop online). There was nowhere in this 1,000 sq ft of house that I could find solice. Then one day, with the help of my mother, I had an epiphany- I could totally turn the upstairs walk-in closet into a mini office. So I set to work. I gathered everything I would need, (desk, computer, mags, lia sophia supplies, and paperwork) and I put it ALL in my "office."

So, are you thinking, 'Cute desk and director's chair, but whats with the mess??' I know, right. Since these pictures were taken, I got down and dirty, and got rid of A LOT. I threw out two full garbage bags of stuff. And it felt so good. But now, the next step is to make it look presentable, so I actually enjoy sitting in there. I love "minimal/chic" but being "minimal" is a challenge for me. I'm not sure why. I like throwing stuff away just as much as the next girl. Really, I do. Here are some office spaces that have inspired my vision.

Lord Jesus, please help me become more "minimal".

Black monday, you can't get me down...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I had a great weekend, but it's back to the grind. Here's a recap of the last two days:

Jake decided to rearrange the furniture in the family room so he and Layla could watch television from their favorite leather chair.

Here is Andrea and I, in our jams, enjoying our surprise treat prepared by my sweet husband. (chocolate fondue and strawberries at midnight..mmm!)

Sunday morning, Andrea and I are drinking coffee and reading the Record Eagle (wow, we're old), when all of a sudden we hear a loud, crashing noise. An enormous layer of ice fell off the roof in the front of the house. So, you know how your roof is supposed to be snow covered in the winter? Which means your house is well insulated? Well, all my neighbors have a thick layer of snow atop their houses...not us. Our house is made of concrete. And they forgot the insulation. Hello, high energy bills:)

And here is the chunk that landed RIGHT in the middle of the walkway. Thank God no one was standing there.

Listen to "Black Monday" by Christa Black. Let's put this day in perspective!

Soak it up

Friday, January 22, 2010

I sure plan on it. I just spent a very successful evening helping my friend with auditions for the middle school play she is directing this spring. And honestly, I wouldn't go back to 8th grade if someone paid me a million dollars.
Tomorrow, I have dinner plans with a couple of other girlfriends, then one is staying the night at my house- slumber party-style:)
Sunday, I have a lia sophia jewelry show, where I will be accompanied by, yet, another girlfriend to talk jewels and all things involved.
So, tonight I plan on soaking in the tub and watching a movie with the husband.
The cutest tub ever
I'm all about an all-white bathroom
Is this tub covered in tin? Where can I get one?
The PERFECT little getaway. Sign me up.
Last, but not least, my little clawfoot-in all its glory:)

Have a great weekend!

A Woman's Worth~ part II

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is the story of a woman named "Sylvia". (You can thank seven year old, Finn, for that one!) She is married to her college sweetheart and they have 3 small children. Her husband, "Joe" is a likeable guy. He has a lot of friends and a great reputation, but often times, "Joe" comes home from work late, smelling of alcohol. "Sylvia" can't wait to discuss her day with him, and the kids all fight for his attention. But after he's been drinking, his moods become unpredictable. The slightest thing could set him off. He begins screaming at the children and at "Sylvia" for not being able to control them and the household. He says hurtful things such as, "You're worthless", "you're stupid" etc. "Sylvia" takes it, and takes it, and takes it. And the next day, once "Joe" is sobered up and back to normal, he acts as if nothing ever happened, and is his "sweet self."

Now there is nothing acceptable about this scenerio. Obviously, "Joe" needs to recognize his problem and face the music of his disease. But "Sylvia" is not helpless here. She is an enabler. "Joe" continues with this behavior because he can. He can give in to his selfish desires and then act out in any way the wind blows him, and there are no consequences for his actions. A very important lesson I've learned recently is, boundaries must be set, but setting boundaries for your spouse is a losing battle, you must set them for yourself. "Sylvia" would most likely get nowhere by telling her husband, "You are not allowed to drink anymore. When you drink, you become angry and mean, and it's disruptive to the kids and I." Now, most likely, she has already tried this, and got nowhere. Which is why she has resorted to just dealing. She must set the boundary for herself and then make it known to him. She could say something like, "I just want you to know, the next time you come home like that, the kids and I are going to give you your space, and keep ourselves busy in another room." Or if the situation got really bad, or even violent, it would be best for her to remove herself and the children from the household all together. And then she has to stick with what she says. Not get angry, frustrated, or try and yell back, but to just remove herself and her children from that hurtful situation. After all, that is her responsibility.

We can still be kind and to the point. Then stick to your guns and let him suffer the consequences of his actions. He may not feel it right away, but in "Joe's" case he is going to miss spending quality time with his kids in the evenings, he is going to miss them growing up, and he is going to find "Sylvia" slipping further and further away from him. Now, your situation might not be this extreme, you may be dealing with a husband who speaks to you with disrespect, or like my friend I mentioned earlier, a husband who is pulling away from you and refuses to take the initiative to work things out properly. You deserve boundaries. You don't deserve to be abused, or even treated with a "lax" attitude. You are special. You are beautiful. And you are worth fighting for. God never said this life would be easy, but He did say He wouldn't give us more than we can handle. And remember, you are only held accountable for what you do and do not do, you can't control someone else. He will be held accountable for his own actions one day. Ladies, don't be afraid to set some reasonable, stable boundaries for yourself in your marriage. I think we could all benefit from this advice:)


I really would love to go shopping right now, but my husband and I set up a budget, (we have financial goals, yo!) and shopping spree is not part of that budget. But for inexpensive, stylish clothing, check out forever 21. It really is hit or miss with this store. There isn't one nearby so I resort to the website every once in a while when I'm feeling "low":)

I am in the mood for spring! This floral tunic is only $15.80 and could be paired with a cardigan and jeans, or all by itself with a pair of leggings...come on, May flowers.

I always love a good nautical theme, all for $15.80. This makes me think of boating on West Bay. (Blow the cobwebs off the white pants!)

For $19.80, you can purchase this white, feminine, flouncy tank. Aren't the attached necklace strands so convenient? I don't normally like that, but these are a little classier than most.

I'm loving this skirt for $24.80, and I have the perfect gold tank top to go with it.

Glittery rainboots for $24.80. They aren't 'Hunter' boots, but for a fraction of the price, I'll take 'em!

I almost feel like I really went shopping....almost....

A Woman's Worth

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have a friend who is going through a rough time right now. She and her husband haven't been married very long and I believe they are going through what people call "the 7 year itch." Well, he is. Not her. She adores him and is willing to go to great lengths to heal whatever is broken between them. He does not share her heart for reconciliation. This is my first friend with REAL marriage trouble. When she cries, I cry. When her heart aches, so does mine. (Not quite as bad, I'm sure.) I have been praying for them constantly, asking God to do a miracle in their relationship. This girl is beautiful, smart, sweet, posesses a servants heart, and a quiet spirit- anyone would be lucky to have her. I reminded her of these things this morning, and then I was reminded of a time I felt un-important, and taken forgranted. That was the night God whispered to me this letter:

You're of far greater worth than rubies, not only for what you say and do, but because I fearfully made you. I see your heart, I formed your future. No one could love you as purely and passionately as I do. You could never be devalued, because you are precious in my sight. You're stamped with a purpose; spoken for. I'm your Savior, Redeemer, Healer, and Provider. Don't search for someone to take my place. I look at you, daughter, with complete adoration. You're more than anyone could ever hope for.

So, if there is anyone else out there made to feel like you're not worth much, not good enough, not pretty enough, whatever the insecurity may be, just remember that God formed you. He made you exactly the way you are, for a specific purpose. If those around you (husbands included) can't see you for all that you really are, it is time to set some boundaries.
To be continued....

Girl America

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When I first buy a CD (or for everyone else out there-update my ipod) I listen to it over, and over, and over again. It's like beating a dead horse. But I can't help it. I obsess, learn every lyric, then I move on. Well Mat Kearney's "Bullet" was my 2005 obsession. And now, it's back! (It's also great pulling out an album you haven't listened to in 5 years to find you still know EVERY word:) He's an incredible song writer/musician/singer. We were members of the same church in Nashville. But I'm not going to lie and say we hung out or anything...because we didn't:) If you haven't heard any of the songs off of Bullet- go buy it! His new album "City of Black & White" is also available in stores now!
An oldie, but a goodie-

#4 "Girl America" is my favorite on this album. The lyrics are powerful and moving, and hold a strong message. One I'm passionate about.

"Girl America"
by: Mat Kearney

My girl America is just a youth in this world

Her smile is more precious than the sparkle of pearls

And though her age reads she's just a young girl

The age behind her eyes show the pain that she's swirled

Through the hand that's been dealt though it's quiet as kept

The weight that she felt last night when she slept

And as she crept into the dreams of the things of her past

Seems to have grown so fast, way beyond her own class

Though they're right there with her, her brothers and her sisters

A natural born leader even when her peers dis her

My girl, she's at a crossroads, people praying for her

Some are preying on her magazine ads, sex, drama

Smoking marijuana, longin' for a father to call her, 'daughter'

She's part of a generation longing for reconciliation

And this future that they're facing and this poison that they're tasting

My girl, I know this love you're chasing


My girl America's crying when she's lying on her bed at night

I can see that she's screaming when she's dreaming for her freedom

My girl America's dying while she's trying just to stop this fight

Don't stop believing, my girl America

Boys with hungry eyes have been beating her door

Telling her that's what she's for, trying to rob at her core

Then leave calling her a whore, but still she knows there's more

I know she knows there's more because there is a voice she can't ignore

'Cause it was founded in the foundations, from the day of her creation

In God we trust engraved on the treasures of her nation

And the void that the boys can't fill

With the tipping of the bottle or the popping of the pill

But still most of her friends don't care as they glare

Ready to drown down the funnel as they frown down the tunnel

They stumble and they tumble breaking down into rubble

My girl America, stop can't you see

It's not the circumstances that determine who you're gonna be

But how you deal with these problems and pains that come your way

It's for you that I pray with hope for a brighter day

And so I say, your deliverance is coming


Faith like a child from your first birth

You left it in the dirt on your worst hurt

And I see each tear and every scar

The hands that have held you where you are

And I can see we've strayed so far

A king born under that morning star

As a crown of thorns was placed to erase

Each tear that's touched your face

And his palms and sides were pierced with spears

He hung in love just to draw you near

My girl, out of this whole world

Can't you see this is where we started?


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