laundry woes

Sunday, January 10, 2010

If there's one house chore I don't mind doing, it's laundry. I like emptying that overflowing basket, tossing our clothes in to be soaked, tossed, spun, and rinsed. Not to mention, I love the smell of laundry detergent. And the fabric softener doesn't stink either. But when you save a week's worth of laundry for Sunday evening, it can be a little overwhelming. Especially, if you have a husband like mine who wears three outfits a day and manages to somehow dirty all of them:) The task can be a little daunting, and we don't even have children yet! I'm thinking if I had a beautiful laundry room my attitude would surely change. These rooms turn my frown upside down:

Of course I like this one, it's purple.

So fresh and so clean.

A laundry room with a chandelier...I'll take it.

Love the brightness. And the television.

This one has great wallpaper and a lovely light fixture. I could do laundry all day in there.

Here is my laundry "corner", in all its boring glory.
Someday I'll own my own will hear me say this a lot.

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