Thursday, January 21, 2010

I really would love to go shopping right now, but my husband and I set up a budget, (we have financial goals, yo!) and shopping spree is not part of that budget. But for inexpensive, stylish clothing, check out forever 21. It really is hit or miss with this store. There isn't one nearby so I resort to the website every once in a while when I'm feeling "low":)

I am in the mood for spring! This floral tunic is only $15.80 and could be paired with a cardigan and jeans, or all by itself with a pair of leggings...come on, May flowers.

I always love a good nautical theme, all for $15.80. This makes me think of boating on West Bay. (Blow the cobwebs off the white pants!)

For $19.80, you can purchase this white, feminine, flouncy tank. Aren't the attached necklace strands so convenient? I don't normally like that, but these are a little classier than most.

I'm loving this skirt for $24.80, and I have the perfect gold tank top to go with it.

Glittery rainboots for $24.80. They aren't 'Hunter' boots, but for a fraction of the price, I'll take 'em!

I almost feel like I really went shopping....almost....

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