Easter 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday was spent doing projects around the house, trying to prepare for a sale! That night Jake and I watched Passion of the Christ, in remembrance and preparation for Resurrection Sunday. I cried and he gasped.

Sunday we went to church and then met my parents downtown for brunch. They came over after and Cash opened his first Easter basket, which wasn't as momentous as I had imagined:) My in laws and Jake's sister came over later for a visit and closed out our family day.

(Cash is so thankful for a Risen Lord!)

11 Months!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eleven months old; we all know what's next. I'm going to pretend to not be sad about it.
Cash is cruising these days, along furniture, even walls. His favorite thing to do is push his walking toy around the house. He opens his mouth wide and gets so excited. He is very close to walking.
I'm going to guess that he is around 29 lbs now, but he feels like 50 lbs of dead weight. The important thing is, the rolls are still there, folks. Thank goodness. I will miss them someday.

Spring Ready & Refrigerators

Friday, April 4, 2014

We are dying for warm weather over here.  Look at that baby, trying to soak up the smallest amount of sunshine. He's never even felt grass before. This summer will be full of exploring for him! We walked around Home Depot yesterday checking out plants and fertilizer and patio furniture, while it was 35 degrees and snowing outside.
While walking around, we received many compliments on Cash. The associate who mixed our paint even told us we better have more babies because he's so cute. (This was after she guessed that Cash was 15 months old...) Then there was this older man who worked there that really took to him. He went and got him a mini Home Depot apron and wrote his name on it. When Cash started to fuss he said, "Of course he's crying, it's probably been 20 minutes since he ate last! He's a refrigerator with a head!" Oh my gosh. 

Cutest little refrigerator I've ever seen....

10 Months!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I never thought I would have a ten month old. So crazy. Cash is getting really good at standing up and walking along furniture. He'll get brave and try standing with "no hands"! He only lasts a few seconds and then plops down on his butt. He is definitely getting close though.
His vocabulary includes "dada" and "uh oh", he has said "mama" a handful of times but has been refusing lately. I'm convinced he calls Jake and I both dada. But more often than not, he just grunts and growls while crawling around. He's such a little animal:)

I'm guessing 28 lbs, 30" tall.
Eats most foods. His current favorite is a toss up between banana and pineapple.
Still not sleeping through the night, but we are trying to wean that middle of the night feeding. His pediatrician assured me that he does NOT need to be eating then. I hope he starts sleeping through the night by his first birthday. Fingers crossed!


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