1 year ago

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I thought it would be interesting to post pictures of certain events/holidays/occasions one year later!

At our engagement shoot in the Spring of '09!

This was the picture we used for our Save-the-Date!

Beautiful House Wednesday

And the journal of beautiful houses and inspiring interiors continues. How great will it be when we buy our first house and I have this little "portfolio" of things I love to look back on?

I have been somewhat obsessed with Jill Brinson's Atlanta home ever since I bought the December issue of House Beautiful and was introduced!

I absolutely LOVE this home. It has so much character, therefore is far from cookie cutter! This doesn't exactly reveal my personal style as far as furnishings and accessories go, although I do love the way Jill mixes old and new. But the sticks and stones of this house are amazing; The HUGE windows, loft, exposed beams, 22 ft high ceilings, the 9 ft tall steel front door, built-in book shelves, and french limestone flooring!

book worm

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am currently reading four different books. None of which are fiction, so I really can jump back and forth successfully...kind of. I have an obsession with books. Someone help. I asked Jake if we could open our own bookstore (we are always throwing around ideas about starting our own business). And he said if we're going to start a business, it has to be a lucrative one. What, you think I'm the only book worm out there??

P.S. I really need some reading glasses like the ones in this beautiful Kate Spade ad! I'm actually due for an appointment with the eye doctor....

...stay tuned.

simple pleasures

Sunday, March 28, 2010

                     Not an amazingly overstimulating weekend, so I took joy in the simple pleasures.

New Passion Fruit lipstick.

Pink floral Converse All Stars

Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea..all for 99 cents. I'm an addict.

Browsing book stores.
A hilarious imaginative book about what one author thinks Obama's incoming and outgoing texts read.
Dr. Dre: Hey man, yo, could you make me Surgeon General??

Giving in to cravings..Peach Rings..yumm

One lonely red telephone booth, in a world where pay phones are nearly obsolete.

Posing like a couple of high schoolers IN that phone booth.
Someone forgot to smile!

happy weekend

Friday, March 26, 2010

It may be 33 degrees out, but it IS enjoy it, I plan to:)

image HERE


Thursday, March 25, 2010

What mother asks their teenage daughter to come organize THEIR closet? Mine did. I've always been crazy about organization. Even at sixteen. I told Jake I want to wake up Easter Morning and find an electronic labeler in my basket. Seriously. I love totes, folders, bins, plastic shoe boxes..anything used for organizational purposes.

 And everything has to be labeled. It's time I'm given the magic gadget. I definitely pride myself on being organized. Wait, the Bible says "Pride comes before the fall..." Oh dear...

Let's talk closets for a minute: When organizing your closet (which is one of the most important "rooms" in the house, I believe), you should always start by de-cluttering. Get RID of the JUNK!

An ideal closet only houses the proper seasonal items. We store our out-of-season-clothes in plastic bins in the basement, but cedar chests are nice for coats and sweaters.

Color coordinate your clothing. This makes finding things much easier, not to mention, more aesthetically pleasing. Oh, and wooden hangers...gotta get some of those.

Properly store shoes. They protect your feet, they deserve to be treated with care, not thrown in the bottom of your closet. Clear boxes are ideal, as they don't leaving you guessing. Personally, I label mine.

Divide unmentionables. There is nothing I despise more than a drawer stuffed full of bras, panties, tights, socks, and bathing suits (in my case)

For those of you who do not have adaquate closet/storage space, just be creative!

Showcase your lovelies!

Hang your boots in a unique way, almost as if you're using them to decorate!

Children's clothes and shoes should definitely be exposed, they're so darn cute.

Aren't organized spaces refreshing? Thanks for this photo, Martha. (As in Stewart.)

Now, go clean your closet!

Wild at Heart

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences
I can't look at hobbles and I can't stand fences
Don't fence me in

-Cole Porter

I am reading "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge, who also, cowrote "Captivating". This book is fascinating. It was a gift to Jake a couple of Christmases ago, but he's not much of a reader, so I decided to read it, and then "teach" him as I go along:)

So, I am on a journey to Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul...
wish me luck!

Beautiful House Wednesday

I only post houses I would actually live in. I could totally see myself living in this "Victorian Cottage in the City"-If I actually wanted to live in the city. 'Single Karlee' would have really enjoyed this house. Married Karlee is more into the modern farm houses, but none the less...

Loving this livingroom. There's just enough glam, without looking too much like a showroom.

Simple white palette with little pops of color is what I'm all about. And where can I get me some of those paintings?

I like how this galley kitchen is open to a sitting room. And open shelving to save space and money--yes please.

This dining area is perfect. I just hope they don't have children to drop food and quickly ruin that rug.

The minimalist-wannabe in me loves this room.

Read the article HERE

at it again....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I genuinely LOVE Z Gallerie. Why can't they open some new locations further north?? Here are some things I am loving today, and again, Jake, feel free...

I've been looking for a little table for a certain spot in my house. This claw foot one is so chic. Anyone think it's weird?

I'm slightly obsessed with containers, folders, anything organizational. Love these.

A must-have. I would love at least 2 of these in *purple* or clear to be substitutes for boring dining chairs.

Love him! Or do I have enough freaky animals lurking in my home?

This coat hanger is so cool. I'm all about bringing the outside in, in a glamorous way, of course.

Skull head ear plugs! I need some new ones. Now you think I'm weird..

And for my office- glam accessories!

Isn't shopping online fun?

Estate Sale

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The other day I was driving down the road and saw signs for an estate sale. I have never been to one, but hear that some people walk away with great finds. So, out of curiosity, I went. I pulled up to a 3,000 sq ft house, packed to the RIM with STUFF. The older couple who had lived there for many years, had recently passed and left behind tons of worldly posessions. They had enough books to start their own public library, massive collections of everything from santa claus figurines, to sets of dishes, to china, to tools, to dolls, to candles, and how could I forget the amazing oriental rug collection. This woman had an obsession with A LOT of things, especially expensive rugs. I counted 19 rolled up 8X10 rugs. It was like a showroom. Except these $2,000 beauties were going for less than $200. I almost felt bad walking around this house and browsing through their every posession. There was SO much money crowded into that house, that it really stopped me dead in my tracks. (I did love her fur coat collection though.) It's SO true that when we die, we don't take anything with us, and if these people had children, they obviously didn't want any of these belongings. It really made me think, and vow to never aquire that amount of STUFF. It enouraged my wannabe-minimal side, to buy and keep only what is really loved, or really necessary. And I hope that someday when I'm gone, my left-overs are donated, and my home isn't opened up to HUNDREDS of strangers to pick over my things. But OF COURSE, I did take home a couple of treasures that I promised the deceased I would take good care of:) And I'll have you know, for every thing I buy, I either sell, pass on, or throw away something else. It lightens my load.

By artist: Champli Ulysses
(an original, bought for $4 and framed it.)

(To add to my collection of milk jars for $2.)

(Books about Diana and Jackie-$3 a piece. Not only do I LOVE my ever-expanding library, books are also useful.)

random facts

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here are some random facts about me that the average joe may not know. And for those of you who know me well...I'm sorry. Jk:)

I LOVE hardcover books

I like the smell of horse manure

My mother almost named me Starla. And I'm pretty sure life would have led me down a different path if she had

As a child I was terrified of feet

I have been writing stories since I was 7

I have a tattoo on the top of my foot

I used to have my belly button pierced...and my nose

I can recite several movies by memory, including The Bodyguard and Pretty Woman.

I once got the back of an earring stuck up my nose

I have never broken a bone OR been stung by a bee

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I decided to take a week off from "Beautiful House Wednesday," and do something a little different since this IS a holiday and everything. One of my least favorites, but none the less, a holiday.

I haven't felt well today, so took the day off of work, but here is Molly a few days ago at the Great Lakes' Children's Museum. We made leprechaun masks in preparation for this day!

And since I DO love the color green..especially when it comes to home interiors, here are some of my green favorites:

Kate Spade's guest bathroom. Green zebra wallpaper, striped shower curtains, and clawfoot tub..Hello!

One of my favorite rooms for a little boy out of Elle Decor.

No, I'm not prego, but I do often obsess over nurseries. This is one of my faves.

One of my absolute favorite shots from the late Domino magazine. I could adopt this livingroom and be so content.

I adore this green backsplash in this almost all neutral kitchen!


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