Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The things you see at the Union St. Post Office. I normally don't go to that one because there's no parking other than on the street, and during the day I drive a large suburban. If I can't parallel park my little Aura, there's no way I'm parallel parkin' that bad boy. Not to mention, I ALWAYS seem to be coming from the wrong direction, so when I drive by and parking IS available (2 spots in a row, of course), I drive as hard as I can around the block, to come in from the opposite direction, and it never fails....the vacant spots are no longer open! So, all this to say, I braved Union St. yesterday afternoon, and while waiting in line, you'll never guess what I saw.

Two of him, hanging from the ears of a 70 year old woman. They were the largest pair of earrings I've ever seen, designed EXACTLY like the door knocker from Williams Sonoma that I so badly want for my future front door. Her poor little lobes were just hanging there. If she's not careful, two will turn into four. I've seen it happen.

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aimymichelle said...

hahahahha thats hilarious.


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