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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jake and I celebrated 6 months of being married, and set off on a little weekend adventure. It has been a while since we've been able to spend that much one on one time together.
Friday morning, we dropped Layla off with her Papa, and took our time getting to our destination. "Took our time" is a bit of an understatement, I guess. We hit every Nothing-Northern-Michigan town we could! We enjoyed all kinds of small town goodness.

First stop- Indian river.
Here's me, being a poser in front of the Cross in the Woods.
I did enjoy the gift shop. There were all kinds of touristy things, and it was chock full of Hail Marys and Crucifix memorabilia. I almost purchased "Catholicism for Dummies." My little ex-altar-boy-husband finds my lack of understanding humorous. Like, the time the woman I work for, Debbie, came home from a weekday mass with black on her forehead. I told her she had a little ink on her face (to save her from the embarassment, of course) and she replied with, "Karlee, you're so cute. hehe. It's Ash Wednesday!" Still not understanding, I called my only Christian-Catholic friend and begged her to explain. I fully understand the tradition now:) One thing I always found fascinating was that Catholics often pray to Mary. I've never prayed to anyone other than God, but I've always appreciated the mother of Jesus. When asked why they do this, Debbie said, "Well, she's the mother of Jesus...I figure she kinda has an in." And that makes sense.

Here's Jake in Mackinaw City, freshening up on his Michigan History.
We made plans to go back and visit the fort this summer. We discussed a lot of plans over the weekend. A lot of talking, a lot of planning.

Once we arrived in Petoskey, we did some shopping! Vintage to Vogue is my favorite clothing store in this quaint little downtown. I once bought my favorite BCBG dress there for 50% off the original, ridiculous price. And then I was forever hooked. Right before we entered, Jake said, "Let's not be in here all day, because I'm not going to enjoy this, ya know..." Why? Because I want to buy every piece of clothing in this overpriced boutique??

Let's all ignore the fact that my eyes are closed here! LOL. Bondurant is my new favorite shop for knick knacks, accessories, and home decor.

Of course, I was drooling over these dining chairs! (black and white stripe, hello!) Jake wasn't quite as impressed. They were $450......each.
Unfortunately, the rest of our shopping photos didn't turn out. Like the ones of me modeling the Cheetah print fur coat! Or the one of the cutest little bookstore, "Book Sellers." Which, I could spend hours in!

Here's us, later on in the night.

Enjoying a cocktail at the Ozone.

We often argue about whose lips are bigger. This wasn't meant to scare you.

Layla, suffering from separation anxiety on the way back to Traverse City.

And after enjoying a little sunshine today, we're hunkering down for a quiet evening at home. Who's watching the Oscars tonight???

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