Thursday, March 25, 2010

What mother asks their teenage daughter to come organize THEIR closet? Mine did. I've always been crazy about organization. Even at sixteen. I told Jake I want to wake up Easter Morning and find an electronic labeler in my basket. Seriously. I love totes, folders, bins, plastic shoe boxes..anything used for organizational purposes.

 And everything has to be labeled. It's time I'm given the magic gadget. I definitely pride myself on being organized. Wait, the Bible says "Pride comes before the fall..." Oh dear...

Let's talk closets for a minute: When organizing your closet (which is one of the most important "rooms" in the house, I believe), you should always start by de-cluttering. Get RID of the JUNK!

An ideal closet only houses the proper seasonal items. We store our out-of-season-clothes in plastic bins in the basement, but cedar chests are nice for coats and sweaters.

Color coordinate your clothing. This makes finding things much easier, not to mention, more aesthetically pleasing. Oh, and wooden hangers...gotta get some of those.

Properly store shoes. They protect your feet, they deserve to be treated with care, not thrown in the bottom of your closet. Clear boxes are ideal, as they don't leaving you guessing. Personally, I label mine.

Divide unmentionables. There is nothing I despise more than a drawer stuffed full of bras, panties, tights, socks, and bathing suits (in my case)

For those of you who do not have adaquate closet/storage space, just be creative!

Showcase your lovelies!

Hang your boots in a unique way, almost as if you're using them to decorate!

Children's clothes and shoes should definitely be exposed, they're so darn cute.

Aren't organized spaces refreshing? Thanks for this photo, Martha. (As in Stewart.)

Now, go clean your closet!


aimymichelle said...

wow that is pretty intense

karlee said...

I am intense, aimy. Guess Im making things well known:)


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