Beautiful House Wednesday

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's that time again, and I've got another beaut for ya!
This home is located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, in Alys Beach.
The front yard creates incredible privacy and who wouldn't want palm trees in their front yard? (Or is that just because I'm from the North?)

Very modern kitchen. Not really my thing, but it's an open, clean space with ghost barstools, so it's cool with me!

Loving the white on white, and how the sofa serves as a "room divider" from the diningroom.

Master bedroom- tile floors, simple palette, with colorful pillows. Just right.

This is the "summer kitchen", for those who are fortunate enough to have one. Imagine living somewhere warm enough to actually get use out of this?!

Fun guest bedroom. Ill come stay.

The homeowners who are blessed enough to enjoy this fabulous patio/outdoor living space.

View from the top floor.
When can we move in?!

To read the article and view more photos go HERE

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