Estate Sale

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The other day I was driving down the road and saw signs for an estate sale. I have never been to one, but hear that some people walk away with great finds. So, out of curiosity, I went. I pulled up to a 3,000 sq ft house, packed to the RIM with STUFF. The older couple who had lived there for many years, had recently passed and left behind tons of worldly posessions. They had enough books to start their own public library, massive collections of everything from santa claus figurines, to sets of dishes, to china, to tools, to dolls, to candles, and how could I forget the amazing oriental rug collection. This woman had an obsession with A LOT of things, especially expensive rugs. I counted 19 rolled up 8X10 rugs. It was like a showroom. Except these $2,000 beauties were going for less than $200. I almost felt bad walking around this house and browsing through their every posession. There was SO much money crowded into that house, that it really stopped me dead in my tracks. (I did love her fur coat collection though.) It's SO true that when we die, we don't take anything with us, and if these people had children, they obviously didn't want any of these belongings. It really made me think, and vow to never aquire that amount of STUFF. It enouraged my wannabe-minimal side, to buy and keep only what is really loved, or really necessary. And I hope that someday when I'm gone, my left-overs are donated, and my home isn't opened up to HUNDREDS of strangers to pick over my things. But OF COURSE, I did take home a couple of treasures that I promised the deceased I would take good care of:) And I'll have you know, for every thing I buy, I either sell, pass on, or throw away something else. It lightens my load.

By artist: Champli Ulysses
(an original, bought for $4 and framed it.)

(To add to my collection of milk jars for $2.)

(Books about Diana and Jackie-$3 a piece. Not only do I LOVE my ever-expanding library, books are also useful.)


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