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Friday, March 12, 2010

Two different times today I circled the same block almost 3 times because I kept missing the drive of whatever store I was after. It occured to me, maybe that's how people suffering from early onset Alzheimer's feel.
But I have been on 800 mg of IB Profen and Sinus meds for two days. So, driving around the block is justified.
I decided, after some spring cleaning, to drop a couple bags of clothes off at the local consignment boutique. This particular place only accepts women's clothing, so I popped the trunk, got out of my car, locked the doors, went around back and fished through the bags, throwing out all of the mens clothing for a different stop. What I didnt realize was that as I was rearranging clothes, I set my car keys down on the floor of the trunk. And shut it.
Much to my disappointment, when I came back outside I had no car keys and a locked car.
I went back inside to make sure I didn't set them down in the store, although I was pretty certain where they were. One of the nice girls working said she was a pro at breaking into cars (seriously) and went in the back to grab a wire hanger.
We stood in the parking lot for a good 20 minutes, trying to break into my car. We received many odd looks.
When that wasn't successful (darn modern day cars), I went inside and used their business phone to call Jake at work, because of course my cell phone was in my locked car, and his work number is one of the only ones I have memorized.
He was not very happy, and of course said, "Why did you do that?" Like I did it on purpose..
He couldn't leave the store, so he sent one of his employees to come get me, with strict instructions to bring me back to the store and not waste any time. They're on a deadline and he couldn't be without him for long. But this was kind of serious. And the shop was now closing.
I stood outside, waiting for the nice guy, when the temp started dropping, or at least that's what it felt like. I estimated he should be arriving in no less than 10 minutes, so I walked across the parkinglot, and entered a restaurant. I sat at the bar for a couple of minutes to warm up, when I got "hit on", if you will, by an old man. In his defense, I wasn't wearing my wedding ring, because a diamond fell out and I had just dropped it off at the jeweler.
So, I decided to head back outside and look around. Still not there. It had definitely been 10 minutes and patience has never been my strong suit, so I stopped a pedestrian and asked to borrow her cell phone. Her phone's wallpaper had a questionable picture staring me in the face as I fumbled to figure out new technology.
Just then, he pulled up.
I was thinking what a hassle it would be to go to Jake's work and drive his truck home. That means I would have to pick him up from work later, and that totally interferes with my plans tonight, and we would still have to go back and get my car in the morning.
So, I conned the nice guy into driving me home to get my spare key, and back to my car. Ok, I threatened. I said I would take the blame for everything. And I did, but Jake still wasn't happy.
Now I'm home, enjoying a warm bowl of soup and preparing to go out with a couple girls later.
It's good to know my husband still loves me. And my drama.

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