19 Months!

Friday, January 9, 2015

I missed the 18 month update so here is one for Cash's 19th month. His personality and language have definitely exploded lately. He says a lot of words, makes all kinds of animal noises and is repeating most of what we say! Some of my favorite things he says are Please, Thank you, I love you, and most recently, Booty:)

He is really into the little grill and play food he got for Christmas, along with these wooden cars, but his favorite, favorite thing right now is Peter Rabbit on Nick Jr. He will ask for "Pete" multiple times a day.

He loves doing things himself, IE: using utensils and brushing his teeth, but his independence comes` at a cost because the tantrums are killer. I know it's a phase, but man, he can sure act out. Before becoming parents Jake and I would always see kids misbehaving in public and vow that would never be OUR kid. The other day in Walmart Cash had an epic meltdown for no apparent reason (sometimes it's just when he's frustrated) and Jake turned to look at me and said "We are officially those people." 

We are looking forward to seeing Cash's personality continue to develop, especially once he becomes a big brother in 3 months!

Stats at 18.5 months:
Weight: 32 lbs, 99th %
Height: 34 in, 90th %

2014 Recap

Saturday, January 3, 2015

In the winter of 2014 we survived apocalyptic conditions and the longest, coldest winter I can remember.

In March, our little punkin started crawling, which was VERY exciting.

In April, we celebrated Cash's first Easter

In May, Cash turned one year old and we threw him a birthday party!

In July, we participated in the centuries old Fourth of July festivities and took a midweek getaway as a family of three.

In August, my brother got married and Jake and I were in the wedding. Cash was the cutest little tot in suspenders EVER. And best news, after 7 months on the market, we sold our first house!

In September we visited an apple orchard with friends and danced in the rain! 

We also announced baby # 2's arrival to friends and family via this text:

In October, we enjoyed the beautiful Fall colors and found out Cash is getting a little SISTER!

Winter came early in November and Cash closed the month by meeting Santa for the first time.

Then, of course, December was filled with Christmas festivities. Tree decorating, cookie baking, fun with family, lots of wrapping paper, and one stressful Christmas Eve candlelight service:)

We are thankful for another year with our little family and have high hopes for the changes about to take place in 2015!

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Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 is a wrap. We celebrate with Jake's family for New Years so it takes a little longer for us to move past December 25th:) We had a great holiday with both of our families and hopefully created some fun memories for Cash in the month of December. And to think, next year we will have TWO kids. Fun stuff.

Bye, bye 2014....


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