Saying goodbye to last week

Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's been a difficult week. 
Our house is for sale and there is one family that has looked at it twice. Per their Realtor, they are very ours and two others. They are supposedly making a decision by this weekend, but here it is, Saturday night and no news. We had another showing scheduled for today so I busted my butt cleaning the house while trying to occupy a whiny, clingy baby. Jake was snow blowing the driveway and fixing a broken closet door at 11:00 last night after he got out of work. All to prepare for today. Come to find out, the potential buyers did a drive by days ago and decided there weren't enough trees on the property. Thanks for the heads up.
I'm starting a new job at the hospital. Two twelve hour night shifts a week. I've been psyching myself out for this. It will be worth it. I won't be completely exhausted (sleep deprivation is the highest form of torture for me). Monday, my supervisor called to go over the training schedule. All of the correspondence thus far failed to mention the 40 hours a week for 5 weeks training schedule. Cue tears. That's bad news for this mama who has a hard time being away from her baby. Not to mention, no childcare. Thank God for my mom who is always there when I need her and a husband who writes his own schedule. (If you think of it, please pray that my family makes it through the next 5 weeks happy and healthy.)
Our oven broke...about 8 months ago. We've been surviving with a stove top and a crockpot. We found a good deal so got a new one this week, ya know, since we are trying to sell our house and all, but it doesn't work. Our wiring is wack. Cue an electrician. And we scratched the kitchen floor bringing it in. 
Our washer broke this week. Like, began leaking and wreaking. The inside was completely fried. Had to buy one of those too.
Cash has been sick for one week now. He's snotty and congested and has a bark of a cough. Sleeping has been rough, although we've kept his head elevated and tried to keep him as comfortable as possible. After a trip to the pediatrician, it is indeed just a virus and must pass on its own. Sigh. 
Have I mentioned that this is the worst winter so far that I can remember? Forget the Polar Vortex, I'm talking apocalyptic conditions. I've left the house twice in a week. I got stuck pulling up to our mailbox and my car sat there till Jake got home at 10 pm. Don't bother sending me any mail because I won't get it till Spring. The next day my dad got stuck in our driveway for 2 hours. (In my car. Add snow tires to the list of things I need.) Jake came home early to help dig the car out then gave our drive a good blow. The very next night he pulls in about 10:30 pm and gets his full size truck stuck, while in 4 wheel drive. The drift was so high he couldn't get his door open so he had to climb out the window. We.Need.To.Move.South.

I've vented about our hellish week in hopes of now leaving it all behind and starting fresh. I'm vowing to dress in a more positive demeanor so my boys don't have to deal with crabby patty anymore:)

//Getting ready to leave the house for only the 2nd time this week!//

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