8 Months Old

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We've reached the eight month mark! He's such a happy boy, that's why the photo of him crying makes me laugh. He was mad because I took the fox out of his mouth for the picture. I know, it looks like he just lost his best friend. I suppose that is the equivalent at eight months old. 

Stats: Cash weighs 25.5 lbs.
He's not crawling yet but he definitely wants to! He gets in this awesome leap frog position and thinks about it, then either falls flat on his belly or rocks back onto his butt. He is getting closer though.

He is a great eater; Likes all fruits and veggies (minus peas and sometimes black beans).

His sleep is all over the place. Two nights ago, he slept 9 hours straight, waking up to eat at 5:00, then falling back asleep till 8:00 am. Last night he woke up 3 times. We just never know!

He has a great personality; So smiley and friendly. And he has certainly found his voice. He likes to yell really loud, especially when I'm on the phone. They learn quickly don't they?:)

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