Cash's (& Mama's) 3 and 4 Month Favorites

Monday, September 30, 2013

Another favorites roundup!

Motorola Video Monitor: We love this monitor. It is middle of the road as far as cost is concerned. The handheld reaches pretty far. We've taken it as far as the front yard. When I was pregnant I wasn't quite sure if a video monitor was necessary but I'm so glad we ended up getting one, especially while transitioning Cash to his own room at night. I spent the first couple of nights wide awake, watching him sleep peacefully across the hall.

Little Blue Truck Book: Out of all the books we read to Cash, this seems to be his favorite. He stares at it and listens intently. I think he likes all of the "beep beep"s!

Jacques the Peacock: This Lamaze toy is one of Cash's favorites. The wings make a crinkly noise and have a small mirror attached. It's perfect to attach to a car seat, stroller, play mat, etc.

Graco Sound Machine: We get a lot of use out of this sound machine, as in every night and some daytime naps as well. There's a built in nightlight which is ideal for middle of the night feedings, and multiple sound/music options. Perfect for drowning out noises that would otherwise wake the baby. There's a feature to hook up an ipod and play music that way but I have yet to use it.

Britax B-Agile Stroller: We have the travel system, which we really like. Cash is really starting to enjoy his stroller. If he's sleepy/sleeping I'll just attach his car seat, but if he's wide awake and ready for some fun I've started putting him in the stroller without the infant seat. He thinks he's a big guy.

Bright Starts Jammin' Jungle Activity Gym: Cash has gotten a lot of use out of this activity gym. We hang all kinds of toys from it and he kicks and bats at them. We attempt tummy time as well, but he prefers to be on his back:) He did, however, roll over for the first time while wiggling around on this mat.

So, there's 2 more months of favorites. Time is flying by!

For those of you with children, what were some of their favorites around this time?

Four Months!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cash Lawrence is four months old and growing more chub rolls everyday! We went to his doctor's appointment on Monday and he received 3 shots and an oral. Poor baby was under the weather the entire next day and his little legs were so sore:(

Here are some stats:

Weight: 18#8oz (95th percentile!)
Height: 26.5" (90th percentile!)
Head size: 17 3/8" (95th percentile!)
Other milestones: 
-He rolled over for the first time about a week after turning 3 months and hasn't done it again since! 
-Our little guy sleeps through the night often but sometimes wakes up once to eat.
-Dislikes reclining while awake, wants to sit straight up and needs little assistance!

The doctor said he's a big baby but very proportionate:) He is growing and developing right on track (despite his hatred for tummy time!). We are so in love with this little man.

Labor Day Weekend

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cash hanging out with his Jazi.

Jake, being a goofball.

Canoeing with Dad. We sure got a work out pulling those two slackers behind us:)

Grammy with her grandkids- Jazlyn, Houghton, Drayke & Cash

Up way past his bedtime...

This one makes me laugh. He's almost as big as his 4 year old cousin! 

I realize this post is a little late but we had a great weekend with the family at my parents' cabin. I got a baby-free afternoon canoeing with the adults (Thanks Mom & Jake), the kids drove the heck out of our golf cart, we celebrated my nephew's 2nd birthday, had good food and a lot of laughs.


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