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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Funny how, at only 23, a lot of the girls I graduated with have, or are having babies. I just found out that an old friend I went to school with is pregnant--and I'm super excited for her! Then this afternoon, my mom text me a picture of another old friend who she ran into downtown. This friend stood posing with her big, cute, pregnant belly for my mom's blackberry. She's nearly ready to burst. I feel like everywhere I look there are pregnant women walking around, and almost every week another facebook friend anounces she's expecting. All this baby talk has me thinking about....well, babies. There will come a time when babies take over my blog entirely, but that time is not now:) Our little log home is made for two, not three (unless we are talking about Layla, our furry daughter) . I do know, however, that my future children will have rockstar-worthy names and will be super stylish....

Want to read a great post about..what else? Babies. Go to one of my favorite blogs, "A Country Farmhouse" and read "Infertility." I cried. Of course.

Beautiful House Wednesday

Yesterday, it was farmhouse inspiration, and today is something totally different! When I was a senior in high school, my friend, Sara, and I applied to a music/ministry program at a school in Sydney, Australia. We honestly thought we would hop on the 17 hour flight, live in Sydney, fall in love with some Aussies, and return home just for the holidays.

Yeah. Right.

We got accepted after a couple of vaccinations, a 100 word essay, and a letter of recommendation from our Pastor (Sara's dad). But we didn't go. There is no way on God's green earth that I could live that far from my family. I realize that now.
But if I was to live in Sydney, this house would definitely be a good choice!!

(more HERE)

FYI: I totally have those black and white IKEA pillows:)

Farmhouse Dreams

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Living out here, really has me thinking of the future farmhouse we hope to own one day. Here are some inspirational photos that I love.

Lots of inspiration today!

1,2,3,4 via blueprint bliss
8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19, via the little big house

"less is truly more"

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Anybody can be good in the country. There are no temptations there."
-Oscar Wilde

Despite the fact that my allergies have been overly active the last 3 days, (too much fresh air, I guess!) I am really liking our new rental. Before this house I was all about accessories, wall hangings, paint colors, etc. But after 5 days of hard packing, 3 days of serious cleaning, and just as many days organizing, I'm beginning to realize that "less is truly more."
Jake and I probably have enough stuff to furnish at least a 3,000 sq ft house. Needless to say, thank God for storage. But we also got rid of a ton of stuff in the process of moving 25 miles away--and this is on the heels of taking a load to the consignment shop AND a garage sale. Like I said, less is TRULY more.
And don't get me started on our closet. We have enough clothes and shoes to outfit an entire village in one sad third world country. It really is unacceptable. Jake is having a hard time parting with some of his wardrobe--go ahead, you can laugh. But, we are slowly working together to eliminate clutter and over-excessiveness. (is that even a word?)
As far as living down a dirt road, in a small town, out in the country, on 5 acres? We like it. There is plenty of room for Layla to run, a lot of grass for Jake to mow, lots of space to plants flowers and/or a vegetable garden, and loads of privacy. My mom joked that "there will be a lot of baby makin' goin' on, since there's nothing else to do!" Eventhough She and Jake agree that we could fit 4 or 5 twin beds up in the loft, and that lining up to use the ONE bathroom would teach our children patience, don't count on it happening anytime soon:)
Saturday night, around 10:00, we were all starving, and over-worked, so Mom and I decided to go to the local "Shop and Save" (even sounds small-town) for some groceries. When we got there, we were informed that they close at 10:00 pm. There's your first clue that you're in a small town. So, we drove 8 miles to the next small town (clue #2), and thankfully, their store is open until midnight. During their summer hours, of course. We met some friendly people while shopping, and all ended up in line together, chatting- Clue # 3.

Small towns aren't so bad afterall:)

Bye, Grandview House

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We are officially moved in! This is the third house we have lived in since getting married nine months ago. And like they say, "Third time's a charm." We're hoping to create many great memories here, no matter how long (or short!) we reside. But for now, let's say goodbye to the Grandview house. I took a few photos so we can one day remember the houses we've lived in--- except the previous one. We lovingly refer to it as "The Palace", because it was anything BUT. So there are no pictures there:)


Grandview, I'm really going to miss your views!

A HUGE "Thank you" to my mom and dad for spending two days out of their weekend to help us move, clean both houses, organize, decorate, and everything else that they participated in! We love you!

Beautiful House Wednesday

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I could totally live here. The aesthetic isn't exactly my style, but with views like this, who cares?!


(more HERE)

Beautiful right? I love the barn/garage housing the game room. Jake and I want a big barn behind our white farmhouse someday. Not for all of the horses, chickens, and cows (much to my dismay), but for a big game room, and maybe even a built-in bar. I'm thinking a little stage in the corner for family karaoke nights is a must as well:)

One that looks like this:

That would rock.


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