Sunday, June 13, 2010

     This past weekend was kind of uneventful, seeing how the only noteworthy things I did were help my mom run a garage sale, and sing on the worship team Sunday morning, but it was nice. The weekend before Jake and I went down to Detroit for the weekend for a much needed break. We had plans to go to Tennessee that weekend, but we still hadn't found a place to live yet, and were pressed for time, so we decided it may not be the best time to go out of state for 5-6 days. Onto Plan B: Visiting "The D".... as we so lovingly refer to it.

On our way

Checking out the "hotel room"

Having a decorator's heart and all, I fell in love with these chairs in the lobby.

Celebrating 9 months of being married!

Having fun at Tin Fish.
I made up wild dance moves while he rolled his eyes...and laughed.

The funky chair in the hotel hallway.

Saturday, we shopped till we dropped. Lord, have mercy on my husband, who was dragged all over Novi and Farmington Hills, from one store to the next. But he took it like a champ. At one point I asked, "Monkey, are you having fun??"
And he replied, "Yeah, but I definitely don't get into this like you do. I mean, this is serious business to you."
"Basketball's your sport, shopping's mine."

We did take a little break to check out the Motown Museum...the original Motown building downtown Detroit. We are Motown music junkies. We swayed to songs turned hits from 1959-1972, when the Motown label was sold for 300 million. Our guide was very knowledgable and entertaining. We toured the studio where all of our favorite hits were recorded, tapped the keyboard that the Temptations wrote #1 songs on, saw the desk where Diana Ross answered phones, the vending machine Stevie Wonder memorized, Berry Gordy's apartment, and the couch Marvin Gaye often crashed on.

Then Jake made me walk all the way from Greektown to the Hockeytown Cafe, which was way further than he anticipated. I was so hot, sticky, and uncomfortable that I refused to have my picture taken at this point. So, here he is!

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