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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Funny how, at only 23, a lot of the girls I graduated with have, or are having babies. I just found out that an old friend I went to school with is pregnant--and I'm super excited for her! Then this afternoon, my mom text me a picture of another old friend who she ran into downtown. This friend stood posing with her big, cute, pregnant belly for my mom's blackberry. She's nearly ready to burst. I feel like everywhere I look there are pregnant women walking around, and almost every week another facebook friend anounces she's expecting. All this baby talk has me thinking about....well, babies. There will come a time when babies take over my blog entirely, but that time is not now:) Our little log home is made for two, not three (unless we are talking about Layla, our furry daughter) . I do know, however, that my future children will have rockstar-worthy names and will be super stylish....

Want to read a great post about..what else? Babies. Go to one of my favorite blogs, "A Country Farmhouse" and read "Infertility." I cried. Of course.

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