Four Months!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cash Lawrence is four months old and growing more chub rolls everyday! We went to his doctor's appointment on Monday and he received 3 shots and an oral. Poor baby was under the weather the entire next day and his little legs were so sore:(

Here are some stats:

Weight: 18#8oz (95th percentile!)
Height: 26.5" (90th percentile!)
Head size: 17 3/8" (95th percentile!)
Other milestones: 
-He rolled over for the first time about a week after turning 3 months and hasn't done it again since! 
-Our little guy sleeps through the night often but sometimes wakes up once to eat.
-Dislikes reclining while awake, wants to sit straight up and needs little assistance!

The doctor said he's a big baby but very proportionate:) He is growing and developing right on track (despite his hatred for tummy time!). We are so in love with this little man.

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