V Day 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Since getting married, Valentine's Day has never been a huge priority. We use to make a big deal about it when we were dating and Jake even proposed on Valentine's Day 2009. This year I really gave the day zero thought, other than the heart themed puppy chow I wanted to make (and didn't). I woke up thinking 'it's mom's birthday' (Yup, she's a V day baby) and nothing regarding the day of love.
Jake was home with Cash while I had to work. When I saw a text from Jake before 9:00 I immediately thought it was a complaint informing me that Cash was probably being a fuss-butt. (Teething sucks....) 
But instead he wished me a happy Valentine's Day and told me he loved me. 
'That's right, it's Valentine's Day!'
After work I grabbed a card and our laid back holiday ended up being a comfort food and movie kind of night with my boys:)

// My littlest Valentine//

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