19 Months!

Friday, January 9, 2015

I missed the 18 month update so here is one for Cash's 19th month. His personality and language have definitely exploded lately. He says a lot of words, makes all kinds of animal noises and is repeating most of what we say! Some of my favorite things he says are Please, Thank you, I love you, and most recently, Booty:)

He is really into the little grill and play food he got for Christmas, along with these wooden cars, but his favorite, favorite thing right now is Peter Rabbit on Nick Jr. He will ask for "Pete" multiple times a day.

He loves doing things himself, IE: using utensils and brushing his teeth, but his independence comes` at a cost because the tantrums are killer. I know it's a phase, but man, he can sure act out. Before becoming parents Jake and I would always see kids misbehaving in public and vow that would never be OUR kid. The other day in Walmart Cash had an epic meltdown for no apparent reason (sometimes it's just when he's frustrated) and Jake turned to look at me and said "We are officially those people." 

We are looking forward to seeing Cash's personality continue to develop, especially once he becomes a big brother in 3 months!

Stats at 18.5 months:
Weight: 32 lbs, 99th %
Height: 34 in, 90th %


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