Touches of Spring

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yesterday, after my life group, I had to stop by Target because it was the introduction of the Liberty of London line! As of lately, I grab a basket instead of a cart when shopping...keeps me from going crazy, usually. Well, yesterday I was on a roll; picking up cute little frames, easter candy, spring decor, etc. I am a total sucker for anything cute and festive. Don't feel like you need to decorate for Spring or Easter? I do. I'm Hallmark, and every other stores' dream customer, because I fall for all of the hooplah and propaganda they throw at me. And I'm convinced that Target is out to get me this spring. It came to the point where my red basket was SO jam-packed full, that I was developing a limp just trying to make my way around the entire store with basket in one hand, and oversized purse in the other.
So, I did the responsible thing, and took inventory of my basket...put several things back. Some made the "Do not need" list, and others the "I'll be back for you later" list. All in all, I followed my wannabe minimal/wannabe frugal side.
I am loving touches of Spring.

And I'm sharing this beautiful spring day with these crazies:

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mom said...

You make me laugh Karlee! keep it up...:)


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