Rubies Series-Day 3

Thursday, January 7, 2010

As women, our hearts strongly desire two other things. One being, an "irreplaceable role in a great adventure." When I was young, my little brother and I would play outside together. (Until I became too mature, of course!) We would pretend we had been orphaned by our families, left to fend for ourselves out in the wilderness (Mom and Dad's backyard). Everyday was a desperate search for survival. I was the one who shouted orders, the one who skinned live animals, chased away threats, and ALWAYS walked around with a baby doll on my hip. (Other orphans we picked up along the way, of course.) Sure, I was the oldest, but after all, he WAS the boy. As young girls we long to be important, irreplaceable. We love knowing the fact that no one could do what we did. I was striving for that then, and I still strive for it today.

"Women love adventures of all sorts. Whether it be the adventure of horses (most girls go through a horse stage), white water rafting, going to a foreign country, performing onstage, having children, starting a business, or diving ever more deeply into the heart of God, we were made to be a part of a great adventure."

My oldest and dearest friend was OBSESSED with horses as a little girl. And when I say obsessed, I mean it. Her room was decorated in horses, she bought me a toy horse every year for my birthday, and even made me pretend to be a horse with her. We ate grass. Yes, we did. And I claim that is why I don't really like salad to this day. I feel as though I'm a palomino, stopping for lunch. When she got a little older, she received a real horse of her own. Probably the happiest day of her young life. That was the irreplaceable role she played in her very own great adventure.

The thing about women though-"We long to be an irreplaceable part of a shared adventure...Our lives were meant to be lived with others. As echoes of the Trinity, we remember something. Made in the image of a perfect relationship, we are relational to the core of our beings...."

My mom is a perfect example of this. She has had many adventures throughout her life-some greater than others, but she has always played an irreplaceable role. My mother has more good friends now than I'll probably make in a lifetime. Not just "friends", but great friends- near and far. Friends that would drop everything to be with her in a time of need, and she would do the same for them. Friends she consistently keeps up on..whose daughter's pregnant, whose son's getting married, who got into a fight, who kissed and made up. She knows it all. "This is not a weakness in women-it is a glory. A glory that reflects the heart of God." That desire for close, intimate relationships- at THAT capacity tells us of God's desire for a close, intimate relationship with us.

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