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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So, I needed my own little space where I could go sit and read..or write..or blog..or surf the web (aka -shop online). There was nowhere in this 1,000 sq ft of house that I could find solice. Then one day, with the help of my mother, I had an epiphany- I could totally turn the upstairs walk-in closet into a mini office. So I set to work. I gathered everything I would need, (desk, computer, mags, lia sophia supplies, and paperwork) and I put it ALL in my "office."

So, are you thinking, 'Cute desk and director's chair, but whats with the mess??' I know, right. Since these pictures were taken, I got down and dirty, and got rid of A LOT. I threw out two full garbage bags of stuff. And it felt so good. But now, the next step is to make it look presentable, so I actually enjoy sitting in there. I love "minimal/chic" but being "minimal" is a challenge for me. I'm not sure why. I like throwing stuff away just as much as the next girl. Really, I do. Here are some office spaces that have inspired my vision.

Lord Jesus, please help me become more "minimal".

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