Anything goes

Monday, May 17, 2010

The hour and a half drive to Grandma's kind of reminded me of those family roadtrips years ago, where there were 3 kids, and maybe a couple of friends jam packed into the red mini van for "jaunts" to Florida, Colorado, and Minnesota. This was back before built-in DVD players, and Nintendo DS'es. I vow now to never let my children watch movies in the car-unless of course, we're driving 24 hours from Michigan to Colorado! I think it's important that kids know how to entertain themselves, not to mention, behave during roadtrips. Makes the trip much more enjoyable.

(Here's Teddy, sitting on the floor between my legs the entire trip.)

So, after Grandma's birthday bash, the whole immediate fam met up at the cabin. And at the cabin, anything goes. Including my outfits. Take casual striped dress, add leggings to keep warm, blue and white slippers for comfort, husbands sweatshirt since I didn't have my own, and brown shoes--which were the only closed toe shoes I brought, and you have THAT ensemble. And I rocked it out at the campfire.

(Jake watched me strut out to join them around the fire and just shook his head. He was impressed.)

As I said, at the cabin, anything goes. This includes staying up until 4 am, listening to the boys argue over whose arms are bigger (this has been going on for 4 years), talking about Emmersyn, crying about Emmersyn, sharing our thoughts, dreams, playing Euchre, laughing, and 5 hours later, waking up to 3 of us on the pull out couch spooning and watching Houghton's morning cartoons. It all goes.

(KK & Houghton next to the bonfire.)

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