Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, I spent the day with my darling nephew, Houghton. Currently the baby of our family, he and his big sis will soon be joined by another! My brother and sister in law just found out it's going to be a girl! Yay! I was secretly hoping for a reason to buy baby girl clothes again. Here are some pictures of our day together:

He's either ALL smiles or NO smiles.

Right away, he decided to start sweeping. A boy after Auntie's own heart:) And gotta love the drool down the front of his shirt, right?

We danced to "Brown Eyed Girl", but changed the lyrics to "Blue Eyed Boy" of course.
(Stop laughing at the fact that after 4 months, I STILL don't have pictures in some of those frames.)

Poor Layla got a little jealous during the dancing and kept jumping on us! So, we locked her up:)

Houghton discovered Uncle Jake's exercise bands, and also decided to rearrange some furniture!

He wasn't interested in my sunday afternoon duties (folding laundry), so we just went for rides in the basket instead!
If Houghton could talk in full sentences..."Dog, stop licking me!!!"

Adidas sneaks! God, please give me lots of little boys:)

Going in to town to run some errands! Growing up so fast!

Dear Houghton,
I summarized our day together, so someday when you're big and you don't think Auntie's very cool anymore, you can look back and know there was a time when I was. Love you, handsome boy.

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