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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm officially tired of laundry. Load #8 is in the dryer now. When will it end? There are 2 people living in this house, 3 if you count Layla, and 8 loads of laundry? Really.

It is time for me to have a fabulous laundry room that I enjoy spending time in.

Wow. I'll take it!
For more fabulous laundry rooms go HERE

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Carrie said...

I know the feeling! With a family of 6 it truly NEVER ends!! But at least I don't have to check for stains all the time now that they are older. :) I could live in that laundry room.

karlee said...

I can't imagine doing laundry for 6. Someday. Maybe:) Carrie, you should start a blog and put up recent pics of the kids!


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