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Monday, February 22, 2010

I decided to start the week off with one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things (material things, people) and white stripes! I like striped anything really, but especially home interiors:)
I think in the first home I own I will definitely have a black and white striped wall.

Or maybe a floor to ceiling striped curtain.

wifestyle files
If I ever have to live in an apartment-type setting, (heaven forbid:) I sure hope each window has its own individual striped awning! I know...only in Europe.

wifestyle files
Too much, you say? Nah!

I am trying to find a rug like this as we speak! If anyone knows where I can find a 5X8, please let me know. IKEA has a couple runners I would like to get...if I didn't live a million miles from the nearest store.

IKEA runner..$12.99. Honestly. I need two. Anyone visiting a store near you anytime soon?

A pretty patio, overlooking a private lake. (I'm dreaming.)

wifestyle files
Yes, please. What a cute display.

wifestyle files
This is just my future vacation home.

ballard designs
Perfect for the patio.

An ideally chic vacation resort.

For the twins:)

I could do striped roman shades.

I told you, I will have a striped wall. I love this one right in the entryway.

metropolitan home
I suppose this could be the other vacation home:)

wifestyle files
Does this house come with an attached 2.5 car garage and 3 acres??

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