Thursday, February 25, 2010

Want to know something amazing about our God? He is a God of second chances. The Hebrew word for "second chances" is Ashaney. How many times in our lives have we looked back and thought, 'If only I had the chance to do that over, I would have done it differently.' The "real world" doesn't offer many second chances- whether it be a broken relationship, a big mistake, a missed job opportunity, or just one wrong decision that drastically changed the course of your life. But God..He is full of second chances.

The message at church last Sunday had to do with do-overs, second chances. One thing was made very clear and is on the not-so-comfy- side of things. Our God is a gentlemen. He will pursue a relationship with us, He WANTS us, but He also gave us free will; the ability to make our own decisions. There may come a day when He stops "knocking at our door." And he will quietly walk away. I would encourage everyone to not be the person who stubbornly ignores the Lord over...and over...and over again. He is your second chance at making things right, at grace, mercy, forgiveness, and unconditional love. That is definitely the God I choose to serve. The God of Ashaney.


Carrie said...

Well put Karlee!! BTW love your blog!
Carrie Blazen

karlee said...

thanks carrie!


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