Beautiful House Wednesday

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today, I showcase the complete other end of the design spectrum. Yesterday was glamour, and this week's  beautiful home is special because it is my family cabin. My dad inherited the 10 acres, tore down the hunting shack, and took a few years to build our cabin by himself. Sure, he had a little help with electric and plumbing, and one of the amish families in the area even built the cupboards and vanity, but other than that, it was all Dad.

The entryway. Sorry, I didn't clean up.

another entryway shot.

a view of the livingroom

The flatscreen, of course.

dining area

another dining area shot

one side of the kitchen

The one bathroom

The amish-made vanity

door to the downstairs bedroom

Under the staircase

The top of the stairs, looking down.

one side of the loft. Yes, there is a man sleeping in that twin bed.

other side

View from the loft

Upstairs, looking out

Our Golden Lab, Miah's grave on the property:(

A tree planted in the backyard in memory of my cousin.

Saturday night, we had just enough sleeping room for the 8 of us. Of course, we could always throw down a couple of air mattresses as the family grows, but there's already been talk of each of the 3 of us kids and our families building smaller "sleeping" cabins on the property. With all of the babies we plan to bring into this world, we are going to need more room. jk:)

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