Christmas at our house

Thursday, December 8, 2011

sorry, my camera stinks

It's definitely Christmas around our house. We've pulled out the little village and put our tree up. Originally we were going to go with a real tree and enjoy the scent of pine wafting through our little abode, but we decided to go the  lazy  easy route and just move my small white fakey into the livingroom. As long as I "got rid of all the pink ornaments I normally put on it." :)
So, there she is, all propped up and on display.

First wrapped present of the season. I'm a sucker for pretty wrappings.


Nicole said...

ooo! love that big reindeer! i need to hunt for some awesome ones for our house.


Miss Charming said...

I think white Christmas trees are beautiful. (And I love the reindeer.)


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