Baby Cash's Birth Story

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Short version: Cash Lawrence was born May 22nd at 5:18 pm, weighing 9 lbs 5.7 oz and measuring 20.5 in long. He is perfectly healthy and has the most delicious cheeks!
Longer version: I chose to be induced at 40w2d. I called my OB's office on Monday, my due date and asked for an induction, which I never thought I would do. The happily scheduled one for Wednesday.  I was extremely nervous and anxious about it, thinking no matter how miserable I was maybe I should give him a few more days, but my instincts said to go ahead with it. I knew I couldn't go on another week or so with how I was feeling.

 We were at the hospital by 6:30 am Wed May 22nd, I was given Cytotec by 7:30 (3 cm, 90% effaced at the time). Jake and I walked the halls for a while and I was having contractions I couldn't feel. My Dr decided to break my water at 10 and that's when contractions came on with a vengeance. After a few of hours they were about 30 seconds apart and I could hardly catch my breath before another one came on. Jake was a great support and breathed with me through every one. I finally asked for an epidural, hoping not to miss my window and I was 7 cm by then. I can't believe I held still long enough for them to administer it but the epi gave me immediate relief and I was so grateful. 30 minutes later I was 10 cm dilated and asked to start pushing!

I couldn't figure out how to push at first because I was so numb and was feeling no pain (hallelujah!) but I needed to feel something in order to be proactive so my Doctor lowered the epidural (which she said was extremely strong for some reason. I think the Anesthesiologist felt bad for me.) And they also added a little pitocin to my IV, hoping it would strengthen my contractions which got weaker with the epi.  With the help of my nurse, Jake and my OB, I pushed for 2 hours! This baby, who they estimated to be about 7.5 lbs, was not coming out. His head was RIGHT there but wouldn't budge. My Dr tried the vacuum 3 times with no luck. I thought I was going to be pushing for the rest of my life and I was completely exhausted. The worst pain I felt was in my left hip and my entire body shook while Jake put the oxygen mask on and off my face in between contractions. I made a joke about how I had been wanting an oxygen mask for weeks.

 Finally, she was able to snip me just enough for me to push that big head out! (14 3/4 cm). Cash was born at 5:18 pm, weighing a whopping 9 lbs, 5.7 oz. He was 20.5 in long. He was WAY bigger than we anticipated and my Dr and I were both so glad I chose the induction when I did, rather than letting him grow even more. It could have easily ended in a c-section. I still can't believe I birthed a baby that big. He's so precious, has the biggest cheeks and came out looking exactly like Jake did at birth!

No one in the room could believe how BIG he was. I didn't cry like I thought I would. I was just in complete shock.

After the roughest day of our lives:)

Our little angel baby

Proud Daddy

Chunky Monkey, loving his swaddle in the hospital

He is so worth all the pain and discomfort.

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