Family Room/Office

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remember how I said that living in a small space requires almost every room to multi-task? Well our basement family room is no exception. I showed you the Guest Bedroom/ Closet, the Kitchen/Dining, and the Livingroom, which happens to be one with the kitchen & dining room, so next up is the family room.

Quick Disclaimer:: My camera has taken some really disappointing pictures lately, so bear with me. Try and ignore the blotches and dots.

Let's remember this is the basement, so the lighting is not very good.

Our tv was too large to fit into the built-in entertainment center, so we turned it into a bar.

Here's my little office corner, which works for now. I clearly did not choose the paint colors down there. I considered repainting the basement but decided against it. Which is probably a good thing, seeing how I have no idea how long we will actually be here. This may just be the last you see of our little log home.

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