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Monday, January 17, 2011

I wanted to share some notes I took away from a sermon a few weeks ago. The message was on Living Like Christ.

Anyone who says he is a christian should live like Christ did.

Here are 4 key qualities we must incorporate into our lives in order to mimic Jesus:

1. Discernment: 75% of Americans claim to be christians, yet only 4% make decisions based on Jesus' teachings.

2. Integrity: What you see is what you get. If you mess up, you fess up!

3. Humility: Is not false modesty. It is total dependence on God.

4. Simplicity: Measure wealth in terms of relationships, not stuff.

Work on posessing these important qualities, so someday when you get to heaven and God asks "What did you do with my son?" You'll have a good answer:)

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