fall in northern michigan

Monday, September 26, 2011

(Fall 2010, my parents' front yard)

 There are certain aspects of Northern Michigan that I have spent the last 10 years trying to escape but have come to find rather endearing. Like this time of year when all the critters come out. On my way home from our cabin yesterday I passed two cows, just walking alongside the road, stopping every couple feet to munch on some grass. Not a care in the world. Reminded me of last December when this friendly creature crossed the road right in front of my moving vehicle: and then started coming toward my car when I hollered out the window, "C'mere Baby."

That was interesting. I also passed some roadkill on my way home. Four dead racoons! Now, I know they're pests but it was a little disheartening to see 4 dead ones lying side by side on the shoulder of the road. So, if you're ever in my area, please drive slow or you might just take out an entire generation.
 How about the time I came home to find a huge, feathery, dead partridge on the front porch? The most northern michigan thing about that partridge is he was later laid to rest in my parent's kitchen freezer...

(Dead as a doornail. Birdie hit that window hard.)

More recently, the animals have gotten larger...

I was introduced to this bear last week. He had been shot dead by an eager and excited hunter. That's my fake sad face but I really felt sad. I kept thinking how he should have been running through the woods with his friends, or dipping his massive paws in the pond in search of a fishy dinner. But instead he laid dead in the back of some redneck's truck. Population control...yea, yea, I've heard it before.

These are the kind of animals I like to see in the Fall...and every other season as well. The live ones, who get plenty of love and ride quads with their papas:) Layla is so spoiled. Wait until you hear what she did the other day! I guess you'll have to wait for the animal chronicles part dos. Stay tuned.

In celebration of fall in northern michigan, check out one of my fave country songs:

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