24 Weeks- V-Day Edition

Monday, January 28, 2013

How far along & size of the baby: 24 weeks and baby boy is the size of a cantaloupe

Cravings: Can I just say nothing healthy? I have to force myself to eat a well balanced diet.

On my mind: So, today is V-Day! I'm all about milestones and this is a big one because Viability occurs at 24 weeks and it basically means if someone was to go into labor at this point the medical team would take every action to save the baby...up until 24 weeks there would be no efforts made.

This baby has been kicking up a storm and last week Jake finally felt some of his jabs. The movement is probably my favorite part of pregnancy so far, even when he directly kicks my bladder....

We haven't bought much at all but my favorite purchase so far is Socks the Fox:)

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