"Baddest one out"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The weekend's winding down; I'm burnt and tired, but what a great time we had!
Our good friend, Rich (whom we haven't seen since he was a groomsman in our wedding 10 months ago), came up to visit for a couple of days.
Friday night we avoided the TC Cherryfest madness and headed to Frankfort for a little "Northern Michigan nightlife." If there is such a thing:) The Cabbage Shed on Betsie Bay is the epitome of a "hippie bar." The three of us didn't exactly fit in which I was oblivious to in the beginning. We made several friends that night, including a father-son duo. We cheered as the free-spirited barefoot dancers hit the dancefloor, ate off a random wedding reception buffet, and used text language such as "O.M.G." and "TTYL."
The phrase of the weekend was definitely "baddest one out." Or was it "I can't live like this"?
Saturday, we headed to Empire's North Bar Beach. My friend Ashley joined us and we had a great day soakin' in the sun, blasting music, and getting completely fried. Someone forgot sunscreen-- way to go me. But Lake Michigan is beautiful, so it was totally worth lying with cut up tomatoes on my bare back later in the evening. They're suppose to take the burn out!
That evening we headed downtown to the Cherry Festival for the first time all week, Ooh-ed and Ahh-ed over a fireworks show, ate some pizza and headed home!
Good times with great friends!

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