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Monday, July 26, 2010

"Jesus' work in a person's life has always begun with a call to leave behind the goals, purposes and distractions of this world and to say yes to a whole new life, a new way of thinking. "Follow me" is what he told the disciples as he recruited them. And they did, abandoning their fishing nets, their tax collector's money bags, their permanent homes, their everyday duties and pleasures. And they never went back. Sure, they still did a little fishing from time to time! But once they made the choice to follow Jesus, their lives were forever changed. They never returned to "normal." -Sally Clarkson

I read this over at Amanda's blog today and it immediately encouraged me. Often times I might say or do something that I just know is right, and I receive a lot of questions and maybe even a little flack for it. Because it's not normal. Following God and earnestly trying to do His will is NOT normal. Let's face it, people, we live in a fallen world. So, the next time someone rolls their eyes at one of my crazy ideas, or accuses me of seeing the world in black and white, I guess I'll just embrace it. As long as I'm not getting lost in the crowd, I must be doing something right.

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