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Friday, July 16, 2010

So, I hope he doesn't kill me for this, but I am "submitting" my friend, Roarke, in this weeks' "Show Us Your Life" over at Kelly's Korner!

In my opinion, he's such a great catch!

And ladies....

Roarke Joseph O'Brien (don't be mad that I gave away your middle name!)
Age: 28
Business: Advertising
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: Gaylord, MI
Activities: Traveling, Snowboarding, Water Sports, Hanging with friends, family, etc.

I have been friends with Roarke for about 10 years or so. We started hanging out when I had a slightly ridiculous crush on one of his best friends. We became fast friends and he eventually was thought of as part of the family. Everyone loves him; My dad even used to say "Roarke, why don't you and Karlee just get married??" To which we would all laugh. It was a ludacris idea--Roarke's basically another big brother!

(Me, visiting Roarke in AZ in 2006. Always a great time!)

He's funny, energetic, driven, motivated, adventurous, genuine, and kind. Not to mention, he has hair most women would kill for. Be it an 80 year old woman or a 2 day old baby, he's a lover. Snatch him up, ladies--After I approve, of course:)


Anonymous said...

He's adorable!

Anonymous said... can't post as anonymous on your own blog!

karlee said...

Um...that wasn't me.

mom said...

Kar dont you think Roarke looks like a darker version of Jude Law? Wow!

vcicarol said...

debbie said...

I love that Kelly did this and would like to suggest he take a look at my friend's blog where she just posted pictures of a family visit with their daughter Amy(27) Amy is in Birmingham Alabama, and works with Student Life Ministry. She is one of the most lovely, fun girls we have ever met. She is getting ready to complete her master's degree as well
here is the blog address for my friend... Amy can be e-mailed at

.:Heather:. said...

HI Karlee!

I wanted to link you & Roarke to my sister, Emily's, blog. Emily is 26, lives in SoCal & is one of the sweetest girls ever. Truly. She loves the Lord & loves life. She works as a Speech & Language pathology assistant at a local high school, working with severely delayed teens. She is super active in her church and loves to lead a healthy lifestyle. She is a runner {currently training for her first marathon-the San Diego Rock & Roll Full Marathon} and is a fun, hands on auntie to my two little girls. Roarke can check out her blog at & if he's interested he can message her through there or email me for her email address!


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