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Friday, July 23, 2010

I am totally obsessed with being debt free. If you know me you're probably rolling your eyes, shaking your head, or thinking this is another one of my emotional-drop-of-the-hat-ideas. (I've been known to make decisions based on emotions--tisk, tisk.)
Lately I've been devouring the blog "Money Saving Mom". She has some fabulously frugal ideas--including The Grocery Shrink, and access to thousands of coupons, etc.
But when I read THIS story, I became passionate about living debt free. Read the story and watch the video for yourself, but I'll give you a quick little synopsis.
Trevor and Michelle Thomas married twelve and a half years ago with $25,000 in debt. They immediately committed to getting out of debt and STAYING that way. In 13 short months they were living completely debt free, and have been EVER since. They started building their home in February of 2000 and paid cash as they went along. It took them about 3 years and they lived in the finished basement for a while till the upstairs was completed, but look at what a beautiful WHITE home they have now...and the best part? It's paid for!

This blog is all about memories and inspiration for me- Their story is definitely inspiring.

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