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Monday, August 2, 2010

  I'm on "vacation" this week, which is totally absurd seeing I didn't have enough time to plan ahead and do something fun, and our financial planner has put her foot down on the incessant spending. Which means I'm stuck out in Beulah without a whole lot of excitement. But I am going to make the best of it. This week I plan to: work out, complete two home projects, cook a couple of meals (one down, one to go-that's all I can handle at this point.), get a pedicure, go to the beach, spend some quality time with girlfriends, be at the hospital for moral support the day of my little brother's back surgery (please be praying for him.), and have a much needed girls' night out. I'll let you know how it goes.
Now the ramblings-

*I'm ready for Fall. There, I said it. No one stone me, please. I realize winter comes right after, but if I could extend Fall for several months I would. It's my favorite season...until I own a boat someday. Get back to me then.
*My allergies have been SO bad the last several weeks that I will do anything to find relief. Give me a shot in the butt..or 20, I don't care. It's just miserable. At any given time you can find me lying on the floor with a cold washcloth draped over my face. Benedryl's the only thing that helps, and that's because it knocks me right out. So, I am ready to say goodbye to the humidity and the allergens.

(Houghton and I sharing a spaghetti dinner at the Benefit.)

*On July 25th, some friends and local businesses put on a benefit dinner in honor of baby Emmersyn. There was a great turn out. People from near and far came to support the cause.

(Papa and Jazi driving the new tractor)

*Last weekend I was able to spend some quality time with my mom, dad, and Jazi at our family cabin. Always a good time.

*I've had some requests for pictures of our little log house, so I'll start posting some this week.

I warned you this was going to be somewhat of a rambling post!

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