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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

During my time off work I tackled the shoe storage project I've been planning since moving into our little log house. Upstairs in the loft, which is also our master bedroom, there are three built-in cubbies. I'm not sure what the original plan for these were, but seeing how we have only ONE closet in this house, we needed to make use of every square inch. Jake and I each have our fair share of shoes. We were able to fit the majority of them in the cubbies.

Now of course we have more shoes hidden under the bed, in our closet, and near the front door, but I tend to rotate according to the seasons. We try and keep the shoes looking organized, but I know I'd rather not see them everyday- this happens to be the wall on MY side of the bed!
Using a few 84" black curtains and tension rods that I had from the last rental, I figured I could make some custom curtains to hide the shoes--No sewing required!
I cut the curtains to size, ironed the bottom flap back to create a nice, clean, straight line, and used fabric glue to adhere the jagged flap!
Problem solved!

Rest of the room to come....

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Tamara Nicole said...

Good job:-) I have like 3 closets that my shoes ar ein, I need to organize them better! Ha ha


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