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Friday, August 6, 2010

I've a townhouse, in Nashville, with 3 female roommates. I've lived in a duplex..completely alone, with no groceries, no one to plow my driveway, and freaky landlords who probably installed cameras. Then there was about a month there where I was basically homeless--traveling between mom and dad's, Jake's and his roommates' and whatever girlfriend suggested a sleepover. Next, I got married, moved to "The Palace" with my husband, had approximately 3 visitors in 4 months--yes, the house was THAT bad. We took the next step and moved into a house nice enough to actually unpack and use our beautiful wedding gifts. This house was somewhat of a "bungalow"? With a lot of character, a swamp for a backyard, a great location, and horrible insulation. Live and learn, right? Now, we are currently living in a little log home, on 5 acres, near Tin-buck-too.

And for our next house I am thinking.....


I've always fantasized about living in a loft- with ridiculously high ceilings, french doors that open onto a sweet little terrace, and library ladders..everywhere!

We most likely won't be buying our first house for a couple of years--which gives us just enough time to kick our debt in the butt, find a loft ( Are there lofts in Traverse City??) to rent, and have our first child. Which will be a boy. With brown hair and dimples. Oh yeah, there's his room above. I think "Junior's" going to need a library ladder to reach those blocks.

I guess in the meantime I'll just be on the look out for our future loft.

images via Martha Stewart.

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Bridget said...

ok we must have the same taste, because i also did a blog post on THIS one! how funny is that.

and your cabin is adorable.


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