One Year Anniversary

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 5th marked one whole year for us. People say the first year is the hardest. That means it will get easier from here on out! Now, now, I'm not that naive:)
We had such a great time celebrating together. We went to Petoskey on Saturday, had lunch, did some shopping (found a couple articles of clothing that I need), walked up and down the cute little town, ate chocolate covered carmel apples from Kilwins...

If you have not had one of their special carmel apples, you have not lived. Embrace fall and buy a carmel apple! It will cost you $5, but the best $5 you have ever spent. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Being the sentimental people that we are, we took a little walk down memory lane and posed in front of the same purple wall where we once took our engagement photos. Yes, my rain boots have skeletons on them. Jake made fun of them all day but I cannot tell you how many compliments I received from strangers who noticed my boots!

(Eighteen months earlier)

(Present Day)

When it comes to special occasions, my husband never disappoints. Upon our arrival there were flowers placed in our hotel room, my favorite drink stashed in my bag, and a beautiful gift sneakily tucked away-- A very unique sterling silver ring, and matching sterling silver earrings, that I intend to wear out.

Here's the slimmed down version of the bouquet. After realizing we had no vase, we ran to the dollar store and picked one up-- only to find it was too narrow to hold the entire bouquet. I trimmed, and threw out some un-needed greenery. And there she is.

The rest of the night included hot tubs, lots of talking, a few smooches, food, drinks, and dancing of course!

Happy First Anniversary, Monkey.

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