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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My cousin got married on Saturday. The affair was held at an 1820's mansion turned golf resort. The venue was very cool in a medieval sort of way.
We were packed into that car like a bunch of sardines for the 3 hour drive.

Pre-Wedding Poses:

Jake was able to officially meet some of my family members for the first time, we sat through a beautiful outdoor ceremony (I curse myself for not taking photos), we drank watered down drinks, ate a delicious dinner, and danced.
(Exploring the mansion, and falling in love with built-in bookshelves again. Except mine will be white.)
(Dad, denying the fact that he cried SEVERAL times throughout the ceremony and then again at the reception after my 13 yr old cousin played "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton on the piano.)
(My Grandma. And no, I'm not double jointed.)
Did I mention we danced?
We did.
I got annoyed with Jake when at first he wouldn't dance with me, well ask and you shall receive because he became a dancing machine. We almost took the shuttle back to the hotel before he suggested we stay till the end. And by the last song, him and I were the only two on the floor. We closed the place down.
(Mom and Kody mocking my pose)
(Dad and my cousin, Tim- the Groom)
(My cousin Tricia, Jamie the bride, and my Aunt Carol)
(My hot shoes. The topic of conversation. Grandma was impressed by the skeleton.)

(Dance party in the hotel room. Was this before or after Kody left to go track down the 30 yr old divorcee?)


mom said...

Nice, but wheres Dad and I???? Or was something to orange???? LOL

karlee said...

something was way too orange, and I promised it wouldn't end up on facebook. I figured that meant my blog too!


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